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Tips for renting apartment in Shenzhen

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 Rental usually don't includes the utilities ,such as management fee ,tax fee,gas,water,TV cable,electricity, internet and so on . Rental is pure rental in shenzhen.
.Rental Terms
 Typically 1 year.Sometimes six months (mostly the owner cannot accept half year)
.Security Deposit
 Typically 2 month's rental as deposit
.Fees except Rental
 Management fee, Tax fee, Water ,Electricity,Gas ,Cable TV, Internet ,Parking fee 
 Half month of the rental as agency commission fee
.Short Term Lease
 Short term lease is available most of the service apartment from one month to six months,the rental of service apartment usually covers the cost of management fee,clubhouse ,electricity  ,water,gas ,internet ,maybe plus local call fee. Some service apartment even provide free breakfast.
.Tax Rate
 If the rental is over 20000(RMB) ,the tax rate is 6.12% . If the rental is less than 20000(RMB) but over 5000(RMB) ,the tax rate is 4.44% . If the rental is less than 5000(RMB) ,the tax rate  is  4.12% .

.Tax Calculation Method
 Tax Amount = Rental *Tax Rate
.How to pay Tax and get official receipts
 The owner and tenant should go to the local taxation bureau  to sign a government lease contract to register ,after that , the tenant can start to pay tax and get the official receipts.

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