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Shopping in Shenzhen

Shopping Guideline In Shenzhen

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If you like Shopping and like shenzhen ,here we Rentsz has a few recommendations .Shenzhen is a shopping heaven for local people and expats. On weekends, crowds of Hong Kong shoppers pour into the city searching from luxury stores to street stalls for various things from international brands to local products. Following is a list of the most popular shopping places in this city.


Sitting by a beautiful cove in western Nanshan District, this quiet place is frequented by many expatriates living in Shenzhen. There are stores selling antiques, collectibles, handicrafts and souvenirs, as well as bars and restaurants offering Western food.
Metro Stop : Seaworld ,Line 2

One the oldest commercial centers in Shenzhen, this area highlights a walking street flanked by humming stores. It is a good place to buy clothes, handbags, fashion accessories, jewelry, handicrafts, toys and small electronic gadgets.
Metro Stop: Lao Jie (Exit A), Line 1

Hua Qiang Bei
The most prosperous shopping area in Shenzhen, it is home to dozens of market places for electronic products, home appliances, timepieces, clothing and jewelry. Some market places each house hundreds of shops, from flagship stores selling big brands to small boutiques where you can bargain.
It is also a great place to dine, with plenty of restaurants offering various Chinese cuisines and foreign brands like Pizza Hut, Hagen Daas and AijiSen.
Metro Stop: Hua Qiang Lu (Exit A), Line 1


MixC Mall
It is the city?s most largest shopping mall and one of the most luxurious, selling clothes, cosmetics and fashion accessories. There is a large indoor ice skating rink, a movie theater and a super market selling many imported goods. You can also find quite a few foreign restaurant brands here, including Pizza Hut, Starbucks and a Japanese noodle house.
Metro Stop: Da Ju Yuan (Exit C-3), Line 1


 Commercial City of Luohu
This is the shopping area closest to Hong Kong, usually crowded on weekends. The five-story building houses many stores selling clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories and traditional craftworks.
Metro Stop: Luo Hu (Exit A), Line 1

CITIC City Plaza

The plaza is another luxurious shopping center, offering many famous fashion brands. In the basement of a plaza is a Japanese supermarket stocked with many imported goods. The plaza also houses a movie theater and several Western restaurants like Pizza Hut, Hagen Daas and Starbucks.
Metro Stop: Ke Xue Guan (Exit D), Line 1


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